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Nestled on the scenic cliffs of San Fernando, La Union, Thunderbird Poro Point offers a wealth of unparalleled resort experiencing. It boasts of a sprawling golf course, an infinity pool overlooking the South China Sea, an on-site entertainment and gaming, a spa and fitness center, and a private beach access for a well-rounded unforgettable stay.

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Make every second memorable at this tropical retreat along the golden shores of San Fernando, La Union. Enjoy beachfront dining with a selection of delectable culinary delights. Dive into relaxation or recreation for the perfect family bonding experience here at Aureo Resort.

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Answer the call of this coastal charmer situated at the heart of La Union, in San Juan. Hang out with your loved ones at Kahuna Beach Resort where you can go on different water sports activities, indulge in gastronomic adventures with ocean views or unwind at their seaside spa.