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International Tours

Get ready to explore the world with AAP Travel. We offer extremely affordable International Tour Packages. Our itineraries are specially designed for a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience. Get the best rates on your preferred holiday destinations now!

Hong Kong

3D2N Hong Kong w/ Disneyland

USD 261/person

International Tours

You can never be sure what mysteries will be unlocked during your visit to HONGKONG DISNEYLAND'S latest and exclusive attraction. Discover for yourself what is real and what is not! Enjoy and have fun.


3D2N Bangkok Tour - Land Arrangement

USD 127/person

International Tours

Visit Bangkok, known as the “City of Angels” is the political, economic, cultural, culinary, and religious capital of Thailand that highlighting the equilibrium of old world charm and modern allure.


3D2N Hanoi - Land Tour Arrangement

USD 193/person

International Tours

Visit Hanoi, a great place to explore on foot, known as the cultural capital of Vietnam and its heart and soul.


3D2N Taipei Tour - Land Arrangement

USD 226/person

International Tours

Visit one of the world’s tallest buildings, the Taipei 101, the temples with unique decorative arts, different galleries and museums that offer magnificent displays of art and historical items by Taiwanese aborigines.


3D2N Singapore Explore and Experience

USD 165/person

International Tours

Discover the beauty of Singapore! Singapore has been described as a playground for the rich, and it's true that the small city-state does have a certain sheen of wealth.

Fatima Portugal

7D 6N - Fatima Portugal

International Tours

Be inspired and spiritually uplifted as you dwell in the places where the Blessed Mother and great saints have lived. Join in the Communion with Mary and the Saints with Brother Carmelo (a visionary) leaving on October 07, 2017.